Cyberpunkish Police officer being tortured.

Joazz’s edit coming soon,

-M’lord you have not slept A: Yes i have i woke up at 5am to make poses like this just for you
-Why is faith chained up? A: The cop and faith were lovers, and faith being a cyberpunk meant that both of them are gonna be tortured for “Treason” When they did nothing wrong
-Will faith be raped? A: Likely not, she’ll prolly just be processed for experimentational surgeries, such as new lobotomy derivatives, live vivisections(Cutting open and looking at the organs) ETC, She’ll prolly loose half her brain but atleast she isn’t dead.

M’lord shall Ben Wolfe begin patenting his habits within his threads? A: I think I shall, soon.

Not bad, anyhow, the dude in the middle was kind of laughable though. I should get the Dystopia models again.

Sharp edges… lots of them
Also Faith could escape any time she wants, her hands are way smaller than the handcuffs.

But nice posing, and I agree with Wolfe, the guy in the middle is weird, funny weird.

Faith: “I can break those CUFFS”

She’s still bound by a strong field. as is the cop

now she can’t break those cuffs…

My edit.

Joazz’s edit seems better.

Because joazzz can edit well, i can’t.

What is that cyborg model? It looks awesome.

It’s one of the corp models from Dystopia.

Hm, did you get it for free? Or is Dystopia a game you have to pay for (I never heard of the game).

It’s a free complete conversion of HL2.


It’s available on steam only though(It dl’s like a demo but is the full game)

Nice, I like it.

lmao joazz, i like the way the cop looks like he’s partially mad for having been cut all over the face XD

I personally intended his faceposing to look as if he’s caring more about faith.

His edit looks more like “You may have ruined my face, but i still got an eye on you!”

I did have a script for the picture:

Cop: Fuck you SiNClaire, you can rot for all i care
Elexis smilse
Elexis: Hit him again
Cop: You harm her and i will tear your head and shove it up you-SHOCKS
Cop: I’ll eat you afucking live sinclaire you bitch

atleast that’s what i intended to be happening

Joazzz’s edit made me laugh. The ‘Cop’ looks terrible (I mean, beaten up), but made me laugh. Also, I feel sorry for Faith.

You should, she’s likely to get cut open and have numerous experimental operations and such, as is the same for almost every female punk picked up by the CORPS.