Cyber's Badass Rust Server! [Oxide, Doorshare, PVP, Groups, Awesomeness]

Hey guys, I recently invested in a Rust server since I see major potential in the game and it is just so freaking fun.

I decided that I would post it here just in case anyone wanted to play on it. Right now there aren’t many players but I am looking to change that!

The server is running the Oxide API and everything should be working great. I have a couple admins that should almost always be available during normal playing hours so that is a plus.

To see a list of commands you can use, type “/help” into chat.

IP Address:

Feel free to join whenever! If you have any questions/suggestions, please let me know!

I worked on the server a lot today and everything should be up and running very well. Server was relocated to Chicago to allow for better ping and I switched from Oxide to Rust++ for the foreseeable future. Join us!

Server is down at the moment. Hope to have it back up in the as soon as possible. My apologies.