[cyberyobs] Dark rp NEW SERVER!

Hello face punch! me and a thew dedicated gmod friends have set up a serious RP server which we hope in the future will gather a good community of serious RP players. Our aim is to be fair and equal to the guests of our server and certainly give the best possible RP experience we can muster

The server:

  • THE SERVER: can hold a max of 20 people in total with good ping levels and absolutely no lag guaranteed
  • THE MAP: is currently set on ‘RP_downtown_v2’ but we are exploring new maps and a custom cyberyob map alike
  • THE JOBS: the jobs are currently set as follows:
    Assassin - note this class is only available for one person at a time and the server will be monitored on a regular bases also they do not have guns just 1 throwing knife and then a normal knife upon the skill of kicking down doors so not to over powered but a very fun class!
    Civil protection
    Gun dealer
    Mayors assistant
    Mob boss
    Drug baron
    Builder - not only the builder can use the tool gun and it does acquire a vote
    this may look a little dull but you will be amazed at the time taken to add custom weapons such as:
  • throwing knives
  • door kicking
  • and much much more

Steam community: CyberYobs

Website: www.cyberyobs.com / note this is also a general computer help and community site for the gmod section please scroll all the way down to games

Server IP:

o and don’t forget to be there 6pm UK GMT time for the grand opening!

love vac


sorry about any spelling mistakes or lack of information please don’t let me put you off all the hard work it took to get this server running


also note we are still updating all the time as we know we still need a small bit of work doing

This looks promising but adding more weapon’s doesn’t make a better roleplay.

What, a whole 5 minutes?

Will people use the classes you added for RP, or just so they can actually do something? You need to think about things like this, adding a builder class doesn’t mean it will be used for RP, you just know someone will switch, build a fort, then change to gun dealer so they can horde guns without consequence.

I can see (just from the desc.) A shit load of possible exploits

no because all the classes have a reason to there ability’s. Also only the gun dealer can buy weapons that’s why we have purposefully not given any classes high powered weapons and instead they need to buy them rather than just being given a whole arsenal of high powered automatics to go rampaging with and re spawn with.
the assassin class has a thew perks to help him complete hits in past servers i have seen the assassin class work very well but never experienced the current weapons i have given him on a busy server (usually its a sniper or ninja rope or something like that instead) I thought that i would make him a more tactical class and one you will haft to be careful with ammo wise and aim wise
you will get 2 daggers 1 of which you can throw and collect the other for close combat (these are the same weapons just when you get to 1 ammo you cant throw it)
he also has a door kicking ability’s (as does only 1 other class the SWAT) so that he can escape or rush into some ones house for a surprise attack my thoughts on this where that people tend to DM the assassin if they are near there apartment block or house which is incredibly annoying and against server rules

the builder class gets the use of the tool gun and then yes they can change back to gun dealer after they have made a shop
the idea of this is so that not everyone can have nearly impenetrable stool doors and the people who cannot get builder at the time will haft to buy the services of another player

so NO we haven’t just said “we are the greatest RP look we have some funky weapons”
we are also going to add a hospital bill due to it being to easy to just die and not care we where thinking 10% money loss?


  • Added ULX admin mod.
  • Added C4 to the server.
  • Edited C4 to remove sounds and change times.
  • Added C4 to the gundealer menu.
  • Added SMOD-Kick to the server.
  • Added the SMOD-kick to the assassin and the SWAT team spawn.
  • Removed pistols from being bought by anyone.
  • Added 15 Civilian classes all with differing skins.
  • Added beer, water, cigarettes, weed, cocaine, magic mushrooms, heroine, LSD and aspirin entities.
  • Added Bartender class.
  • Added beer and water entities to be able to be bought by the bartender.
  • Added Drug Dealer class.
  • Added cigarettes, weed, cocaine, magic mushrooms, heroine, LSD and aspirin entities to be able to be bought by the Drug Dealer class.
  • Added all counter-strike weapon sweps to the server.
  • Added all counter-strike weapons to be able to be bought by the gun dealer class.
  • Added WIREMOD.
  • Added stacker tool.
  • Added a restriction script, restricting people from using certain tools as well as allowing respected members the possibility too use more weapons.

That’s not what causes DMing. People become a gun dealer, and buy a gun to kill everyone with. No decent RP script lets you spawn with guns.

If you limit the guns to just pistols or HL2 weapons, that would do something to stop DMing.

I think there’s a way better way to do that than having 15 classes for civilian.

Personally i disagree and prefer different weapon strengths anyone who dosent sell guns as the gun dealer will be demoted and there weapons gone

You realize you could have just made the civillian class have a combobox in the GUI to let you pick the model right? Instead of shitting up class selection more with 15 new ones.

thanks for that tip! x, we really really need some more players, we are always empty me and admins are trying our best by adding people to our group and posting announcements and fun events but it seems that no one is interested in joining even with 3 of us in there any ideas on how i can raise popularity

in b4 DarkRP hate shit

Your avatar scares me


moving to taco script
changed map to: c18

the admins of the cyberyobs community guarantee a good understanding of the players needs and any abuse will be dealt with with a instant demotion from admin to guest (even if they are close friends or even relatives) this is so that everyone can enjoy there RP needs without getting frustrated by bad admins


there is also a strict policy in place for warning players of what they may be doing wrong before a ban or kick which will go something like this

warning > (consisting behavior) > kick > (consisting behavior) > ban (24hour) > (consisting behavior) > permanent

Change to tacoscript?
Man, I hope you fixed it

what do you mean fixed it?
and yes uploading it now

Tacoscript public version is an old and fucked up one

You’ll get even less players than you current amount of zero by moving to the public Tacoscript, most people don’t use it due to the bugs. Or because they are too retarded.

thanks for the advice i think we wont me moving after all, hope everyone can some online some time and check us out though one person has from the face punch site and he really enjoyed our company and how we roleplay which is a good sign? right…

thanks again for the advice

Yeah thats a good sign. I do tend to check most of the communities posted out, a move to Tacoscript would be nice, if the script worked right, and if people actually used it. But it’s fairly over hyped in my opinion. There are some other very good alternatives to DarkRP though, and most work flawlessly. For example, Cakescript, it needs a bit of work to make it work how you need it, and is fairly damn restrictive if you want it to be. I’m sure some others here know other good scripts you may consider.

Ooo fire away i have tried many scripts such as lemonade but they where abit and the bad things that i hated really put me off such as Floating trees


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