Cyborg Atlantean Silverback Dragon

For my Advanced Game Texturing and Modeling class I had to make an original creature based off a certain shape. I decided to go back and use an old character I created years ago, a type of Cyborg Atlantean dragon I called “Azurikan”, which fit a very curvy shape very nicely.

I think the claws could have been bigger.

Here’s an old picture I did of him for reference:

I might end up trying to get this model into Gmod. It’d be kinda cool to see this old character of mine in it…

Looks pretty good, but his neck looks longer in the reference.

The title made me go :confused:
But looking alright so far.

Looks like a pokemon… Pokemon is a bit :confused:

For me is a pokemons snake…

I like it!

Bump for finished Zbrush Render…

Truly awesome. Keep up that good verk.

Coming along very nicely there.