cyborg soldier dude hiding in a wrecked house

jesus christ this took me 20 minutes posing, 1h editing :argh:

tell me what you guys think

this is not a map i repeat NOT a map stop asking me if it is

Camera angles don’t fit very well at all but the character fits nicely (aside from a few little errors). Lighting fits well.

1h editing isnt much, but you did a very nice job in the colors and lighting indeed

I just spent three hours editing a picture that took ten minutes to pose.

It’s actually cool.Choke about 2 pixels from every side of your character in order to make him fit better

Hmmmm… Blackwatch?

Argh… How people get this kind of effect in their pictures??? Its plain awesome :stuck_out_tongue:
I will found out someday I guess.

Awesome pic, but its kinda boring and the angle should be more UP/DOWNish.

I agree with Stathis on the borders, but I like how well he blends in with the background.

I like the cel shaded look

dodge/burn tool and paths tool.

He’s launcher the gun wierdly.

awesome… What is this map?

his hand is the rocket launcher, hence the name “cyborg soldier” :v:
sorry dude its edited.

I like the picture, it has a nice cartoonish feel to it due to the black outline and the heavy contrast.

Didnt I see that guy before but he was lying on the ground with gore all around and stuff and rain and stuff.

wow the back ground looks nice (I don’t really like the soldier but its at least posed nicely)

If thats not a map +1 for a good job if it is +1 still but I want it.