Cyborg stranging a Combine Soldier

*strangling, whatever.

Great job.

Everything looks spot on.

Now THIS is one of the reasons I love Facepunch.

How do you do it? How do you get everything just to look soo good…?

That looks nice!

That looks just great. Love it.

This is great, the textures look really HD. How do you do that? Sharpening?

No mipmaps. No compression. No mercy.


Is that Rex Lee?

Holy dickburgers, this is very cool!

Because every bald cyborg is some random Combine guy from City 8.

is that one of those faggot-ass cock muncher characters from TnB? because no this cyborg is anything but that shitlord

Dat model
I want a download link

You don’t need it; you can already ps shit spraying off of it from this picture; that way you’ll save time.

It’s the same facemap and head and similar targeting tactical gubbinz.

Wow, nice one

No it isn’t.

Well dave used a modified version at least. Ain’t denying TnB is utter pure shite but still.