CyrusGaming Metro2033 Roleplay Map

This Metro 2033 map contains
-Had to recompile due to the name being to long for Source engine-

Capital Reich Station

-Slave Pens
-Housing block
-Reich Further Palace
-Soldier Quarters
-Control Tower
Minor Reich Station

-Working railroad
-Mushroom Farm
The Berlin Wall
-Solid defense for the Reich Stations

Communist Capital Station
-Housing Blocks
-Control Tower
-Speech Area
-Command Bunker
-Iron Square with the Communist emblem

Minor Communist Station
-Housing block
-Working railroad
-Pig Pens
Iron Curtain
-Solid Defense for Communist Stations
New Russian Federation Major Station (Like Polis)
-NRF Guards bunker
-NRF Control Room
-Public Speech Booth
-Meeting Table
-Weapons Shop
-Public Square
-Abandon Trains with Fires, great for passive Roleplay

  • Detailed Tunnels
    -A Abandon Maintenance Room

-This map is open for suggestions for a V2 Contact me on steam wadehammer-

-This map is made and played for if you wish to use it for your server, ask for auths-
-The BSP goes into garrysmod/map-
-You will need EP2 for this map-

DL Link


Theres Screen shots on the page.

Hi Cyrus,

It Looks a bit bland and to much red

Yee ;p First map ive ever made -Serious Face- but thanks for the honest feed back :smiley:

The textures appear to be quite blurry. Did you take those images on max settings?

Cant really remember.

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Hey wax, would I beable to get a VMF of the hammer and sickle in your map?,for V2

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Plus, it was made for Metro 2033 RP, I was counting on the factions to make their own details for their bases.

Why is there three screenshots of the same thing? Isn’t there any other decent scenery?

Still don’t change the fact that it is very very Red

And more blurry than a coffee addict in an earthquake.

With motion blur.

On a drunk Saturday night

Whilst balencing on a pnumatic jackhammer.

And Wrestling a Squid

*hugs the squid.

Damn you for mentioning squid…now i’ve broken the chain.

i just got done playing the map and here’s what’s up,

all the places you should have used nodraw, you for some reason used dev textures…
the brushwork is poor
the lighting is too saturated, generic, and red.
there is no ambient sound - makes the map very boring.
very poorly optimized.

Thanks for all the positive feed back facepunch. -Sadface-

We would’ve given you positive feedback, but it seems to be very difficult. You only took screenshots of one area, and that area isn’t exactly pretty.

Aren’t Metro 2033 taking place in Moscow?
If i got my History right… The Berlin wall is in Berlin.

The Berlin Wall is in Hong Kong what are you smoking

Yes, IRL its in Berlin, but in metro 2033 its the build up, on the frontline for the Fourth reich.

I quite like it actually. With a couple of improvements it would be class A work.