CZ-75 "Pre-B" Model & S&W 4006

Hey, guys. I know the LR-300 request is still up, but I’d also appreciate two more guns, for now, at least.

Whenever any modelers can, I’d just LOVE a “Pre-B” CZ-75 and a Smith and Wesson 4006. Both of these weapons are pistols that I really like.




Size relation to hand:

New pictures for reference coming up.

That 4006 looks interesting. I’ll see what I can do with my shitty skill level at modeling guns.


Are there any pictures of the top of the gun, or a gun similar enough to the 4006? Google can’t find me any.


Looks good so far. Except can you model the safety as being off? It’s on in that picture. Just rotate it to be horizontal.