D-day in Normandy (was my last photo!)

First of all, am Korean so my english can be bad :frowning: please understand ~

I miss u Gmod 13… anyway, my first upload in facepunch !!

posing: me
editing: ddok1994
plz enjoy it :slight_smile:

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oh I typed IMG url and it doesn’t work… how can i?

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I knew it! good

That’s awesome, but the lens flares ruin it, unfortunately.

Also, the color between the Garry’s Mod screenshot and edited background is noticeably different.

Overall, it pleasantly surprised me.

Thanks for advice!

The boats in the background lack depth. It’s probably the way you placed them. Other than that,I like the concept. Good job.

Thanks :smiley:

lens flares? where?

i think he mistook the bullet tracers (i think that’s what they are, i don’t know much about guns) for lens flare

Oh i just thought he tell bout brightness? something like that

did I edit this photo?
I can’t remember

I was talking about this:


If it’s meant to be a bullet tracer, it doesn’t really look like I would imagine. If it’s a lens flare, it is distracting and out of place.

bullet tracer

they’d look more convincing if they didn’t fade out on both ends like that, if the glow wasn’t so dark, and if they had sort of a heat ripple effect distorting them slightly

Really? No way! But u can be cauz I requested u at almost 3 years ago lol

In my opinion, the sun is a little too bright against the background; in makes the soldiers too dark.

That being said, it’s very well done for a first picture.

This is righteous. I feel like I’ve seen that explosion effect before. Where did you get it?

google IED explosion, first result

and IMHO it looks like crap

Well, actually it’s my FINAL picture but first upload on facepunch. Thanks anyway

Off topic but any particular reason it’s your last image?

Yep I removed Gmod 4years ago and I found my last picture on my old computer

It’s the last image he took.
May or may not be the last he does.