D-Day map

Was working on this map to sharpen my mapping skills. Not the prettiest but not half bad for some of my first actual work.

Was considering making a WW2 style gamemode.

“Finished”, got it to a decent point, did a final build and moving to a new map now! (screenies updated)


Maybe collaborate with the few people making a WW2 game mode.

Looks promising and would be fantastic to recreate some huge fights there when s&box releases. Good luck with this!

Updated, made bunkers look a bit less shitty, added fog and a couple other things.

Going to be silently updating (or just updating the main part of the thread), don’t want to be necrobumping 24/7

Are you thinking of keeping this open or scripted? I would love to see a great Normandy landing!

I was thinking of scripting it but I’d have to see when S&Box comes out. Will definitely work on a bit more then, probably to get my grips on the programming API.

Im thinking of Saving Private Ryan where there was alot of sequences that are gripping the player into an emotional distress - this would be awesome to relive that. Keeping an eye on this one!


Looks nice. Good Luck.

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It’s cool :slight_smile:

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