(D)DoS Attack Disguising Itself As Legitimate Traffic

Hello, recently my Garry’s Mod server has been getting hit by (D)DoS attacks. My host automatically filters out a majority of the attacks we receive. But unfortunately, these attacks are aimed at a flaw in the Source Engine (the flaw has to do with how the Source Engine handles connections). This specific attack disguises itself as legitimate traffic meaning when our host tries to filter it, they are also blocking legitimate traffic as well.

I currently use NFO for my server host and they told me there isn’t really anything they can do. I was wondering if there are any known extensions/addons out there that could patch this flaw in the Source Engine and hopefully stop this script-kiddie from damaging our server.

Attack type: A Source connection flood/1

Any help would be highly appreciated!

  • GLiTCh

I don’t know anything about any of this, but maybe this can help.

So I tried that and still was attacked about an hour ago, any other suggestions?

Get any information you and report it to the FBI, federal crime and all.