D.E.M. - Possible Prologue

Yeah, I honestly don’t know whether or not I’ll continue this. This is my first real attempt at anything like this, so any feedback would be appreciated. I realise the poses are kinda crappy, but goshdernit I’m taking things one step at a time.

Also, I suck at comic effects. Did a little experimenting. Word on the street is you can click on the image to view it full size.

EDIT: Reuploaded, hopefully it’s not shrunk anymore.


Also, I would list all the custom stuff I used, but in all honesty I lost track of it. If you see anything that you created and you want credit, just let me know.


Well it looks promising. Narrative is good. Graphics is dark and depressive. Fits the theme well. It all depends on how you go from here. I think you should continue this.

Yeah, if I do continue it I would probably photoshop the individual frames a lot more, mess with the contrast and saturation and junk. Just not sure what I’d do yet. I don’t know, the map I used was pretty dark. I can also see it’s pretty much the shortest strip ever. (narrative? what narrative? :P)

I may have a stab at continuing it.

Narrative is telling the story.

I know. My joke was that it’s really not long enough to portray anything meaningful. :wink: It’s just some sad old man being sad. Anyways, thanks for the encouragement Rastifan, I appreciate it. ^^

If you have an interesting tale to tell I say go for it. But at the moment it seems rather generic, but I have some faith that this could turn into something good.

Well, that’s the thing. I have a rough idea of what I’m planning on doing, but the real clincher isn’t so much going to be the narrative but the execution. Thing is, I suck at execution. I’m working on the next installment now and it’s introducing a few more characters, most notably the protagonists on the Combine side.

Still, thanks for having faith. :slight_smile:

I hope, if you’re serious about this project, that you put acceptable time into everything (editing, posing, etc.). (Although that is a bit hypocritical on my part).

Use semi-desatSHEFing if you want dark in the day time.

Make it interactive, everybody loves interactive comics

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. :downs: I hope so.

I’ll bear it in mind. I didn’t actually do any photoshopping to make things seem dark, all the lighting seen so far is actually a part of the map.

You should get that sarcasm detector fixed.

I might just buy a new one.

The last pic looked really good. Overall, you grasped the feeling very good.

NO DON’T MAKE IT INTERACTIVE! That would be a mistake. It’s very good the way it is.

I agree. 9 out if 10 comics are interactive it seems.

Don’t worry, I have no plans on going anywhere remotely near interactives ever. I don’t like handing creative control over to strangers.

Besides, that would really mess up the first episode I’m working on, which is probably 70-80% done, unless I choose to add even more to it.