|| + D.u.s.t + || ( Welcoming First ever MMORPG Rust! ) Professions/Leveling, 03/04 Wipe || Rare C4 Noob friendly || Vanilla Drops || PvP || Sleepers || Air drops || Active Admins || NO ADMIN ABUSE || Economy || Weekly Events ||

|| + D.u.s.t + || ( Welcoming First ever MMORPG Rust! ) Professions/Leveling, 03/04 Wipe || Rare C4 Noob friendly || Vanilla Drops || PvP || Sleepers || Air drops || Active Admins || NO ADMIN ABUSE || Economy || Weekly Events ||
|| + D.u.s.t + || FIRST MMORPG on RUST

Server I.P (net.connect )

Welcome Rust players! Our Server staff has been working long hours to create something new to Rust. It is still a work in progress but it is enough to start this server up!
We will be opening the very first MMORPG Rust! We’ve decided to make the game a little more interesting and a more exciting game! To start off … we have implemented Classes into the server. For an example only a (Weapons Expert) can craft weapons. You can still find weapons and everything with vanilla drops but you cant craft the weapon.

To choose a class you have to collect certain items in game ( /rules ) when it is all collected an admin will give you the class.

Professions : Weapons Expert ( /Ranks ) To see the classes in game.
Arms Technician
Ammunitions Expert
Metal Master
(More in the future as rust updates)…

Also in the near future when reputation is implemented we will have the following classes.

Mob Boss

another feature in progress is Factions. Team A and Team B. If you do not wish to be in a team there is an option where you can be a rebel and create your own little clan. From there on you can create a peace treaty with other rebel groups etc…

There will be territories divided on the map. Who ever conquers that section it will belong to that team. From there you defend the land or go on the attack.

We will also also be hosting Weekley Events where teams can duke it out and claim a prize and a title.

The features that our server contains are : Advice: To start off make truce with other players because you will be depending on them at the start
in case you need something crafted that you cant craft! because you can’t switch classes.

VANILLA drops (Rare C4)
100 Slot Server
Instant Crafting
Oxide Mods
Sleepers are ON
Weekly Events
Frequent Airdrops
No Admin Abuse (Admins DO NOT play)
Friendly and Active Admins and Community!

We have two rules in our server :

No Griefing.
No Hacking.

If you break either one of these rules, you will be instantly banned. We run a purely hack and grief free server.

For more information ask the admins in game they will gladly fill you in on your questions!!

Visit our website for updates on the server!

We are also going to implement the Medic profession in the next restart, where you can craft Medkits and Weapon Accessories.

Leveling system is so cool!

^ We are trying to make the game as fun as possible so it doesn’t get boring after a few days of gameplay! :slight_smile:

Giving it a shot now, will report back. The professions idea seems silly, I feel that if you arent the profession in question it should take much longer to craft x or y but make x or y still possible.

Will edit this post with a response.

Edit: Instant crafting kinda kills it. The game has timed crafting for a reason.

I’m sorry you didn’t like the instant craft! But since it already takes a long time to grind for your profession, we added instant craft to ease it up a bit! :slight_smile: And yes our game system is still under work so all feedback is welcome! I love your idea, but sadly we currently cannot change crafting times. But thanks a bunch for trying our server out! Everyone is always welcome <3

We’re welcoming huge clans to take part of this, even solo people are teaming up in game to take advantage of the professions as teamwork is what makes you the strongest on this server. So if whether you’re a large clan or a single person, come on down and see where you end up!.

As people are starting to PVP, reputations are being given to the KOS and the people who kill the KOS’ers. We just Implemented tags for those who want to hold their reputation in the server depending on what kind of PVPer they are.

As of now:
Watchmen +20 Rep
Police +40 Rep
FBI +60 Rep
Bandit -20 Rep
Mobster -40 Rep
Mob Boss -60 Rep

Come on down to see what kind Rust player you are.

This new gameplay works best with a large population! So come play and be part of our growing server! :slight_smile:

2 hr 5v5 fight, Fun!

The server is going great! Come join! :slight_smile:

wow nice!

As of now, there are about 3-4 clans in there and many single players that formed them in game as well. Talks of people bringing their clans in slowly. Pretty awesome! Can’t wait till we implement territory control and towns.

Went to try it, was looking great…

The people in it are a problem though…

Asked a simple question: “What do you guys need in the current game state? Which profession”

Get 11 y/o comments… “suck my dick” stuff like that.

Such a waste of a possible good server with a nice system.

Great server! Not everyone is rude most of the people I find very nice and helpful. For the mean people … They will get what’s coming to them :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry that happened. Our regular players are all very mature and helpful, so I’m sure that you encountered a drop-in troll. If you decide to give our server another shot, you’re welcome at any time and I’ll try to help you as much as possible!

ideas are really cool, crafting should be 1/2 tho. 1/2 is more than enough. instacraft is silly. i also think weapons need to be a little more rare. they are TOO common.

Theres lots of time to change things around according to the people :slight_smile: when everyone’s happy and everything is in place we should have a vote to wipe after a month or 2?

Server idea was interesting; gave it a shot and fairly enjoyed it.
Some things need to be tweaked here and there but overall thought the players and gameplay was great!

I’m glad you liked it! :slight_smile: Yup our server is still being improved so I can guarantee that it’ll be better with time!

We’re going to be implementing some area action so people who dont wanna kill others in the game can quench their bloodlust in the area. Fully automated, when there’s enough min players they can just head in. We welcome all the feedbacks with open arms with this server so dont be shy!