D1tto56's Gmod Stuff

This is where I post/link my gmod stuff!

Me and Broski’s Pokemon Trainer pack!

Basically hexes of Pasadena’s Pokemon Trainer Red so these are coded to be npcs and playermodels


Pic of all of the stuff that comes with this pack

uh ok. Now where is your stuff?

Thread will die in a few hours probably. I can feel that there will be 3 things max on this, And probably by other people too.

Gmod.org isn’t letting him upload his stuff, don’t need to be butthurt

Hell you on about? OP has no concept of how to post in a forum. Plain as that, and pretty apparent.

                                                                                                  Dude it's his first post, chill out.

He should have uploaded his stuff before making a thread.