D20 System Dice

Pretty simple request, really. All you would need to do is make some regular polyhedra and give them normal maps for the numbers, with the exception of the d10. Bonus points if you arrange the numbers the way they really are on the dice.

  • d4 (regular tetrahedron. number on bottom is the one you use)
  • d6 (cube. pretty straightforward)
  • d8 (regular octahedron)
  • d10 (this one’s trickier, as d10’s used in the d20 system have very rounded edges. Probably going to be more poly-heavy than you’d think.)
  • d12 (regular dodecahedron)
  • d20 (regular icosahedron)
  • percentile / d100 (not actually 100-sided, this one’s a d10 labeled to be used as the tens place, used together with a normal d10. Its sides are labeled 00, 10, 20, 30, and so on up to 90.)

I’m thinking that for convenience, they should be about the size of a helicopter bomb, maybe a bit bigger. Color isn’t important, so go nuts.