D3DMESH files from Jurassic Park

So, because the guy with the Jurassic Park: The Game files is being (insert term here), and not releasing the files publicly until June NEXT YEAR when he releases a Youtube video of Sonic in Jurassic Park, I’ve decided to find out what I can and get them myself and share them here for everybody else that might want them. I’ve used the Telltale Explorer to get what I believe are the files necessary for the models out of the game, but they’re in a .D3DMesh format and I have no idea how to make that accessible for 3DSMax. If anyone knows, or has a better way of doing it, I would love to know, or I can dropbox a bunch of files and someone more adept at this can go nuts. Hope to hear from someone rad, because I know you’re here!


I’m not sure about this, look around for plugins possibly. There should be alot of scripts lying around



sorry but I snipped it cause it’s better not to talk about this anymore.

You could try RTB’s telltale mesh importer here


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If a fan video ruins your childhood you must not have had a very good one.


sorry but had to snip what I said


I have stuff too. What’s your point?

I can take criticism very well. I don’t care if someone dislikes my videos and usually when it’s constructive I take it to heart. Hell it’s criticism that made me switch to SFM and my videos have never been (subjectively) better. Making Sonic videos is bound to have harsh criticism. It comes with the territory. You take cheap shots at me every moment you get just because I made a stupid JAWS video. You’re going off topic just to smite me.

I don’t care if you dislike it, that’s fine. More power to you.

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I snipped all of what I said, all has been figured out.

Guys, seriously, what is any of this achieving? I’m trying to figure this out and get the models out there. Take it up privately.

I tried running a couple of those, but they aren’t JP compatible from the looks of things! Thanks though!

It’s over, that’s your best bet to get the models though. RTB is the man. But just a suggestion, I wouldn’t really count on JP the Game models, they aren’t really correct to the movie. Wait for a proper importer for JP to be released