Da fuq?

What the fuck have you done to the bow this time. Sorry for the tunes and that 1080p quality

I move my mouse to a position at 0:15 from then i just shoot and well…

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1080p 10fps 16bit color. Good job.
And what’s wrong?


Right you see my bow have a look it teleports to a animation state. Also the arrow seems to be moving all around the place not before when if you didn’t move your bow the arrow would shoot at the same place repeatly.

i see 60fps on the steam overlay, but the jittering on that video makes me think either really low specs or server lag. either way, i don’t think the issue is in rust.

Try it yourself MrKnifey with a bow shoot a object in a slight distance and watch your bow jitter around. And keep your bow still just right click click right click click, also look at your arrow.