Da RED Skoots go to WAAAAGH!

Imagine a massive horde of Scouts all screaming WAAAAAAAAAGH.


-That barrel thingy is a Dreadnought, lol.
-The two Scouts infront of the Dreadnought are Stormboyz, note the rockets on their backs.
-There was meant to be a bigger horde of da Skoots, but I am constantly afraid of something, anything and everything crashing my game.
-The Scout with the a pistol and an axe has a broken leg.
-I’m starting this “Notes” business too.

Great. Wait, better than great. No, Its AWESOME.

KILLER KAN!!! Pure awesomness! :smiley:

Thanks mate :v:

Holy fuck.

I really need to get better at this, amazing work. Good faceposing (spent forever thrying to get that expression on the scout then gave up) but where it really shines is the editing.

only the deff dread or whatever you call it has weird smoke…I wish I was this good :frowning:

And I’m pretty crappy when compared to true pros, like ChestyMCGee, MasterFGH, VMan and others.

Thanks for the friendly reply :smile:

What in the fuck.

Lol heavy would own them

I can imagine them screaming their death voices as WAAAGH! scream like in 2:22.

Warhammer 40,000.

Maybe the scouts, but not the Dreadnought.

Also, two Scouts is enough to own a Heavy, so…

I’d sap the sucker.

Dakka dakka dakka!

Oh wow, Thats great! Though the stormscoot in the back left appears to be distracted.

FUCKING INSANE! Rated artistic

I sense the ones in back are horrible spies same with on front left

But i would imagine that i can get that sound and duplicate it 11 times.

new official thread music


Orky, Very Orky indeed.

Ugh… Notes…

Not a bad picture though. I like the idea and shizzle.

this is the greatest picture I have ever seen!