Da RED Teem meks builtta Wartrukk [Scouts in an armored and armed truck]


Alt. version with crappy motion blur (How do I reverse the direction of the blur?)




-The Shoota on the Trukk was built from one level 1 sentry, two scatterguns and two syringe guns.
-The fire effect on the “flamethrower” failed.
-Smoke is ugly :woop:
-The Trukk shadow was edited, I disabled the in-game shadows.
-Firehose lol
-The rocket launcher next to the rear tire is an exhaust pipe. Don’t ask.
-Motion blurring wheels is a real pain in the ass.

Comments and criticism appreciated.

We need an Adv. Dupe of that sexy fitch. It’s a real awesome thingo.

More replies.

Wow this is pretty badass,awesome job on the posing. I also like how you used the props for that armored car

nice job again!

keep up this 40k theme, I’m Lovin’ It as much as Mc Donalds!

On a side note, How do you get the hatless scouts?

Bodygroup changing with ent_fire.

“PURGE THE GREENSK…huh pinkskins…what?”


ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 1
aim at the ragdoll while typing this in the console

space marines will have to investigate this heresy.

This reminded me of this video:

nice work dude

I see you are continuing with your scout madness :smiley:

Make some more.

Thanks for making my day :haw:

And then the Scouts ran into an ambulance in the shape of a German tank.
Awesome muzzleflashes.

There is alot more videos like that one.
Including this one:

Da orks be proud

Sentry is clipping into the truck

Syringue gun muzzleflash?

It’s not a syringe gun. And it’s not a sentry.

We need some salamanders spesss marines here

Fucking epic.

Oh this is epic. In your next pic, you gotta do the Warboss as like a Heavy or something. :smiley: