DA2 Femme Hawke


I’ve seen a couple Garry’s Mod-compatible models that only has her head in whatever sci-fi body. It bothers me that her default fantasy-esque outfits aren’t available yet.

Posted are the XNALara links. I’m not a rigger, but I assume having an already exported model will greatly help.

Support has been gained, I two, would like her.

so did anyone manage to do this? i too have been looking for this, and more specifically for Source Filmmaker not Garry’s mod.

i have some models from my DA2 modding days somewhere on my HDD. they will need to be converted for GM and SF but i’ll try to find them.


It’s been a long time coming (three year wait!), but I really hope this goes through.

I’m looking to use her mage champion outfit for a comic sometime now.

I know how you feel, i have been checking this thread almost daily since i made my posts. I too hope this goes through.

Just as a reference, the first link you posted is broken.

But if the Mage Champion outfit is what you want, then the link ToeMan posted will work.

Give me a week and I’ll port her with full eye-, face-, and finger-posing.

Note, however, that if you want Garry’s Mod support, you’ll have to find someone else to do that step. I don’t support Garry’s Mod, but I’ll do all the work involved in porting her to Source Filmmaker and release the source files for someone to do that final step.

Thanks, i greatly appreciate it :smile:. i also hope the Warrior and Rogue models will be there too along with the Mage model when you finish porting.

Any tips on how to get the skeleton out of the .mesh? I can get the mesh but not the skeleton and I don’t feel like re-weighting the whole thing.

Using an XNALara importer.

I’m not sure if you use Blender or 3dsMax, but if you use 3dsMax, then this script should work. http://xo-bahamut-ox.deviantart.com/journal/3D-STUDIO-MAX-importer-exporter-for-XNALARA-XPS-356357038

I also know for a fact this version works on 3dsMax 2011 64-bit, because it is the version I use and I uploaded it from my personal 3dsMax installation: https://files.catbox.moe/hsfrv3.7z

And what more, here is a 3dsMax 2011-exported FBX of the three models in that other link, imported and exported specifically for you. Of course, anyone can feel free to download them. https://files.catbox.moe/c6uiik.7z

Oh aye that worked, I’m on 3ds 2014.

I downloaded like 5 modelling programs for exporting .mesh’s, didn’t think to just search for an XNALara importer…


any progress?