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This is a re imagining of my favorite map from “The Specialists” mod for Half Life 1. The textures were a cs_office reskin that i made into separate textures, and might be place holders for now [but i think i’ll stick with the green and white color theme].

Front entrance:

Front Ceiling:

Main Lobby:

Main Lobby Fountain/ stairs behind wall:

Elevator Lower:

Elevator Upper:

Conference Room:

Top Down View:

Glass breaks and respawns after 10 seconds. Slight scale issues, but not sure how I feel about it yet. Light is pretty drab, but I’m not very good with lighting. Thought about making it for TTT as well.


I have a walkthrough of it compiled:

Nice map, but the carpet rooms need a detail pass.

I held off on doing details until we could properly test the map to make sure it worked okay for the gameplay. Needed to make sure the scale worked well for the faster players movements.

The map now opens doors to more rooms based off of how many players are in the server. It checks every 20 seconds to count players, and make the layout larger or smaller accordingly, to insure players aren’t too cramped, or having a hard time getting into the action.

That’s a really good idea. Are you using Hammer logic or Vscript or custom entities?

Couldn’t that trap some players in the outer areas if many other players leave at once? A trigger brush for each outer room could check for players, but I couldn’t begin to imagine the scripting needed to check and close each empty room while still leaving a way out.

Pssst, use game_playerjoin/game_playerleave http://twhl.info/forums.php?thread=1842

I got it to work just fine using game_zone_player. It works perfect. As for the people getting trapped in rooms, i don’t know yet. Killed or teleported is the easiest answer. At the same time I could just open the doors as soon as enough players join, then leave them open the rest of the game. If people start the leave the server should change map soon after anyways.

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Edit: the other idea someone gave me was to make an entire other floor to the map, that has stairs which are open when enough players join. Then when people leave, the doors close, and players can jump down from the top floor whenever they want [or just stay up there and do nothing. Honestly if thats what they want to do them more power to them, it’ll be pretty boring for them]