Daazl's DarkRP


This looks like another DMRP. ADD MORE INFORMATION! THERES NO IP!? Seriously…

So like every other DarkRP server ever?

hey dozl99, try to include more information about what it is that makes you different from the other Darkrp servers.

Also put in things like pictures and videos they help the reader understand what you are trying to do.

ALOT more information, it looks cool when the page is just filled with text, pictures and videos.

Its not like the other servers

yes its a good id for picture but picture with what.
And i play on his server and its very cool.
And its a very good Owner

Cool drugzmod! Cool PHX3! Cool Wire! Every DarkRP server has this. Who the fuck cares if theres a nice owner. People care about what extra features you put into this server.

ok you inteligent Penis what you thik you can put on a server , new .Tell me.

Edit DarkRP (Make it unique). Delete all your useless fag jobs. Change the map. (rp_downtown_v2 in my opinion is a overused map)

CloserS is just sucking up.
This server is no different than others.

DELETE: Military, Hitman, S.W.A.T, Secret Service, Ninja Master (wtf?) are all RDM jobs. Remove them and make some more limited jobs.
BTW aren’t CloserS and dozl99 the same user?

I think so.

1.Im CloserS no dozl99 that is another person. I make for him the gamemode.
2.The job he chose not me.
3.What map to put.
4.I try now to chage the model for citize,cop,gangster.
5.Seriosly i help this man with all the topic server and all the think.
6.I am not who you think they are .

Huh? I cannot understand you.

Do you speak english?

Look. I’m closer , not dozl99.I helped him with everything , topic , server gamemode .
And do not take into account, as I wrote above.

DarkRP can be very fun if you have active admins and the right setup.

Yes its true what you say.

Yes, sometimes but theres alot of popular darkrp servers out there. As I can see theres only 2 admins?

BTW people don’t like admins who don’t speak english :confused: