Daazl's DarkRP

Hello everyone ,

most of you think oh noo not another DarkRP Server.

Well yeah I start a DarkRP Server and its new and i went like most of you also through that crap with RDM , Minge etc.
Now i want to make a DarkRP Server thats not Super Serious and not Mingey.

I am the Owner of the Server and want to advertise for the Daazl’s server here are some information about the Server.

Server Info :

Server Name : Daazl’s DarkRP Custom Shipemnts And jobs And alot more
IP :
Gamemode : DarkRP
Max.Players : 26
VAC : On (Not a Cracked Server)
Map : RP_Downtown_V2
Current Prop Limit for Players : 100

The Map that currently is running is RP_Downtown_V2

Does Wire or PHX run on the Server ?

Yes ,on the Server runs Wire SVN / PHX SVN

Also Expression 2 but E2 is only allowed for Trusted Players.

Current Jobs :

All Default DarkRP SVN Jobs +

Custom Jobs :

Black Market Dealer,Guard , Military , Bartender , Drug Dealer , Ninja , Hitman , S.W.A.T , Secret Service , Thief .

This job is not permanently i will remove some jobs and i will add more jobs.

Here are the Server Door Groups for specific Jobs

Door Groups :

Cops Only
Mayor Only
Gun Dealers only

I hope you give the Daazl’s Server a visit and tell other people about it i would appreciate that ^^.



Why you put this thread again you have a old 1 .

Ninja? WTF??!?!

You shouldn’t be talking.

You just applied everything to make us say “Another shitty DarkRP server”.

what do you mean i shouldnt be talking? i dont have a ninja class.

He means that you have a ton of threads, and everything on your server is made by others, also you are running DarkRP, so you have no right to criticize him.

Seems generic also. You cannot change darkrp much really

You want a server wich has no mingery/RDM, but it has classes like Hitman Military and SWAT?

somethings wrong here.