Dad, can I buy more hats?

Please, I know I suck at posing and stuff. Just a quick test.

lol. i am guessing thats what some people are like playing in the shop…

clever simple way of using the muzzle flash

Please, I am apparent of the fact that the posing is god awfully bad, but AT LEAST have his hand on the mouse

TIP: No-Collide makes you good

I knew it was something to do with TF2 update.

No son you can’t

But DAAAAAAD! I need to spend hundreds of dollars so I can get all of the sets and finally be good at TF2!

at first i was all “UGH VALVE WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHY ARE YOU MAKING THIS MORE LIKE AN MMORPG WITHOUT THE MM” but then i realised valve are taking loads of money off stupid people and i couldn’t stop grinning

Thus the :downs: scout.

You are in no place to be giving technical criticism, you never post anything serious in the S & M section, and what you post in the Perskins thread is generally crap.

Before you preach to me, yes a movie critic doesn’t generally make movies, but if a movie critic made a shitty movie, would you trust his criticism?

This screenshot beautifully captures what TF2 has become. I shall award you one Gaben Kotick.

Yes, now stop following me around and attacking me

I’m not. I’ve just simply clicked a thread that has piqued my interest and saw a post by you, after I had entered the thread. If you were not so self-centered as to think everything is about you, maybe your yearnings to join the thread would be answered in vigor.

Stop using big words dear, you’ll confuse him again.

Uh, you don’t have to buy them to earn 'em, that’s just a quicker way if you’re a lazy fuck, and don’t even compare Gabe to that piece of shit, atleast Gabe helps make his games unlike the shit stain that should be dead, Bobby Kotick.

It just seems whenever I see you post you’re calling me out

because your shit keeps falling into his lap, just like your shit is falling into my lap.


stop it.

you’re a fag nobody cares go cry on someone else’s shoulder

(User was banned for this post ("Troll, isn't learning" - Benji))

I call everyone out. Especially those who blatantly, metaphorically shit on my chest.

You metaphorically shit on my chest.

If you don’t metaphorically clinch your sphincter and stop shitting all over my chest, maybe I’d pet the puppy instead of kicking it until it stops barking.

hahahaha so true dude i was like that asking my dad so he can give me more moneys for hats in tff2 and the money swas burning out of his bank ackount lolol good meataphore for life whe your money just goes away like it caught on fire even though money doesnt burn that good in real life cool pic mister