Dad model

can someone please port or make this ragdoll that is from fallout 3

picture of him to make it easier

  1. Its james.
  2. It’d be done already if it was possible.

Aaron think like madman , he ported or made the sentrybot, protectatron, deathclaw, molerat, radscorpion, robobrain , and rex from newvegas

You can’t port face meshes from Fallout 3.

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The best anyone could do is to reskin one of the citizen heads to make it look like him.

Honestly I don’t care about face posable ragdolls , james ragdoll no face posing

Open his face in the GECK and rip it. Then port his clothes. Easy peezy lemon squeezy

Half-dead i remmember hearing that name somewhre but i dont know, also thanks for advice

You have to use Global Monitoring if i remember correctly

OK is anyone up for porting james?

If you played fallout 3 ,then james would probaly be one of your favorite characters

SO no one is going to try?

No, because of what T F said.

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Again, if it was possible, it’d be released already.

All of the characters use the same face mesh just it’s modified using the same method that you use when creating your character so it would require so much editing that they may as well create one from scratch which very few people would do for free

GUYS didn’t you see what half dead said?

  • if it isnt possible EDIT A CITIZEN TO LOOK LIKE HIM AS POSSIBLE AND WITH A LAB COAT , yes i want the version of james that was at the 10th b-day part of fallout 3

Anyone going to do this?

Seriously no one is going to try and make this?

3 bumps under a day sheesh! Be patient, if someones going to do it they will reply if they don’t then get on with your life :stuck_out_tongue:

I really want a model of this guy but lots of people are lazy to do it

No, they’re not too lazy.


Nobody gives a fuck.

Well not alot i over reacted when i said alot but can someone please try?

Why don’t you give it a go if you’re that desperate. Theres tutorials all over the place on how to do it… but you’ll probably find out in the end you can’t do it anyway. I bet a simpler way would be to create a facemask of Liam Neeson and stick it on a random model.