Dad wont buy it

Plz garry my dad dont want to buy this game to me cuz he don’t think this company is safe paying for can u some how make a good comment that will convinse him to know it’s safe he only wanna nuy it thrugh steam but it’s not out yet plz help!

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steal his credit card

it will be on steam in a few weeks, but wont be purchasable through steam for atleast a month or 2, check the most recent update

You can tell your farther that this game is purchasable via Paypal. And if he thinks this is a scam of some sort he can easily create a dispute and i believe (not speaking for him) Garry would be more than happy to refund if your Dad does still suspect its a cheat of some sort. But let him know that Paypal is very secure and putting up a dispute to get your money back is a simple process.

I find it weird how people like this guy posted 30 times speaking as if he plays the game then suddenly announces that he can’t buy it

Do we really need more people who require daddy to buy their games?

if they’re really really young, yes.

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his profile says Basic Information
Date of Birth June 30, 1992 (21)

umm oh dear

Don’t think that is for us to decide.

pants on fire


“This is not scam” - Gayry

Have dad watch some Rust Gameplay videos on YouTube, then he’ll jump to buy every license he can.

if youre 21 years old try getting a job

For everyone im under 18 and what my profile says is just bullshit but thx too all good answers and have a good day.

Show your Dad all of dicks you’ll get to see!

No…and this thread will be locked.