Daddy Vs. Daddy - Subject Delta fighting an Elite Bouncer - First Person

I didn’t do the side or under lights because they were impossible to do without looking horrid
Eye basis:

Right hand looks really weird

And turn up your graphics, please.

Graphics are Very High. It’s just the models.

The right hand is punching. I couldn’t get it properly in angle due to the horrid rigging of the model.

I’ve done a bunch of Bioshock poses with Delta, and his textures are blurry, it’s not a problem with Comrade.
I also had the pleasure of ** releasing ** a hexed reskin of Delta with the help of Kuyler.

It’s not the position, you should just fix his thumb.

Double proof: [img_thumb][/img_thumb]


His thumb is fine, it’s just i couldn’t get it in shot due to the rigging.


Also the fingerposing rigging is horrible.

Triple Combo!

and just because…


Damn, I don’t remember it being that blurry. w/e

Yeah, ingame it’s special viewmodels. Obviously plasmid didn’t consider porting that.


Oh tittyballs i forgot the Helmet. let me add it.

who said I didnt consider it? I say I didnt get to it :stuck_out_tongue:
also thats a model of a regualr alpha series with his texture the view hands are just hands, and are much more low poly then youd think, the rigging really isnt that bad either maybe the constraints are a bit high but its not so horrible

Wait wait, how did you get the visor effect Comrade? is that a model in source?

I shopped it in from this:

I don’t like this very much due to the low resolution textures, and the bumpmaps and phong looking like they came out of Fo3 which had the worst looking phong I’ve ever seen.

Those two things are something i can’t help. i’m afraid. My VTFedit no longer works.


The reason the left hand’s like that anyway is because it was meant to be shooting an electrobolt. but my editing was terrible.

Anyone got any crit?

The eyes are pretty poorly edited, a wider shot would have been better (though I understand if it’s monitor/resolution restrictions), and you could have fixed the low resolution texture by editing it with some fabric texturing or something.

Yeah my monitor is only 1204x768(I needz monayyy). Also i’m utter shit at editing in textures so, Sorry.