Daddys Pleasure Palace| AUS | Rust++ MOD | Door Share | 1/2 Craft | Active \ Friendly Admins (New Server)

Hey Everyone!

Just putting it out there i started a new server yesterday that me (daddydidme) and my friend Wingez are admining atm, it is noob friendly and has all the features in the Title…

Basic Server Info:

  • Australian Server (I say that for ping reasons)
  • Eventually going to be constant Admin Contact and Supervision
  • Constant Updates whilst trying to avoid all chances of unnecessary WIPEs…
  • Events every week by admin and/or community member (depending on idea haha)
  • No admin Abuse
  • Admins Spots available once server gains population
  • Server Connection Info -->
  • As a general rule of manners do not harass freshies \ noobs constantly, destroys the game in my opnion

Server Config:

  • Airdrop set to 25 people online
  • 1/2 Craft with Day of Instant Craft after wipes for the bs you have to go thru…

(Server Config will change accordingly to server issues and what not, after discussion with players and admins)

But yeah in conclusion me and my mates just want a friendly - community based server to play on with some good PVP action, we just hope it all goes well and gets off its feet :slight_smile: Best of luck to all who join and if hacker is on please feel free to add me or Wingez or steam to handle to ASAP.