.dae to .fbx model data screwup

I tried porting some of the models from the Brawl .pac files and they came out in .dae format. The problem with that though is I found out Milkshape (the 3D modelling software i’ve ended up using most) cannot import .dae it can only export them. So I looked up how I could convert them to something else that I could use (took me a couple of hours of sifting chained google searches) and came across the Autodesk FBX Converter. This was able (once I found an older version thats still supported .dae format conversion) to convert the .dae files into .fbx format, which I can open in Milkshape. However, when I did open them they were just a bunch of mangles verticies, loosely in the shape of the original model (as I know what they should look like from Brawl) with a strange shape made of coiled blue lines in the centre (this was in every one of them but is slightly different in each). Is this an issue with the .dae to .fbx conversion, Milkshapes .fbx import feature, or is there something up with the brawl .pac, .brres converter?

Either bad recompiler or .dae itself got messed up

Ok, i’ve tried an alternate route and now I have a .brres archive and an mdl0 converter, how do I get the .mdl0 files out of the .brres archive to convert them? @.@

the converter was made for the 3dsmax collada.

Ah, so can Milkshape not import under the same type?

I thought Milk had DAE, but you said it only has export?

anyway just download 3DSMAX, it’s a definite win. although you’ll have to get one of a lower version, anything from max8-max2009 max2010 lost alot of plugin support.

I’m trying to think what does support DAE, and blender does. blender is free. you can try this first it’s only 20mb.

but for sure the converter was designed along side with 3dsmax, and probably the collada sdk for max aswell. so i don’t think anything less then 3dsmax will for for brawl importing.

Darn, I really don’t want to get 3Dmax due to having lots of other 3D modelling tools i’ve not gotten round to figuring out yet (and I wouldn’t be able to buy it after the trail ran out as its expensive :S). Also I have got Blender but for some reason it can’t find Python (so it can’t run scripts and therefore doesn’t work) and I don’t know what I can do about that.

Edit: An another note, have you got any idea why all of Lucario’s Face textures in the .pac’s are white? Non of the other models ones are like that (thankfully).

lucario was posted here by sabretooth in FBX format

maybe thats the problem I didn’t use the ASCII option when I converted it, think this would cause issues? (I have seen that thread before, the first time I attempted this).