.dae to .mdl or .obj

Alright so I have some .dae models that I want to put into XSI yet I don’t exactly know how…

Does anyone know how to make a .dae file into a .mdl file or .obj for XSI.

Would really help, or some type of plugin that makes it so you can import .dae into XSI

.dae models are from penumbra (just to let you know)

You won’t be able to export from the xsi mod tool (7.5 only) into SMD, the exporter doesn’t work. Well, not for me anyways.

Nonsense, that’s the only tool I’ve been using, and it works fine. You probably set something up wrong in either your model, your export settings, or materials. The thing with XSI is you need to setup your model to work before exporting, as it will happily process a scene that isn’t setup in any way for export, then crash out with a generic error.

This tutorial should help you out Legend: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/XSI_Prop_Creation

As to the original question of .dae format, a search found that it was a Collida format. Here’s the Wikipedia page on the format:

According to the page, there are plugins for both 3dsMax and Maya avalible through some open source project. Today is pretty busy and I don’t have time to read up on the whole thing, but that info should get you started.

I realized also that penumbra is a game, and thus, the developers may have modified the 3d format from the standard Collida format. This is the case with a lot of games that have “specialized” 3d features, and doesn’t always apply, but keep that in mind if the format doesn’t open with the plugin.

The easist format to convert it to would probably be .obj, since from there you can use XSI to compile it proper. I doubt there is a straight forward conversion from .dae to .mdl, as there are a few steps in compiling .mdl that requires the user to know what they want out of the model.

^ Above is basically right.

I’d suggest using a trial of 3DS Max and installing COLLADAMAX so you can open the .dae, and then export it as an .obj.

From there on you’ll need to work on it like most other porting/modelling jobs.

Crosswalk can import COLLADA .dae files directly into XSI 7.5, though as darkgriffin mentioned before they may be a specialized version of the file if they are directly from penumbra so it may not work.