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Soon I will be getting another server box online in the datacentre, which will have some spare resources which I’m going to use for small slot private server sprimarily to be used for coder or scripters to test there scripts on a live server environment. My initial ideas consist of either making them free but with some limitations and possibly a cycle time, where the server is released back into the free pool after a month of use.

The server’s would get there own MySQL and would have full access to a TcAdmin panel and FTP.

My main concerns are how would I stop the same people having the free servers all the time and to give lots of people an equal opportunity to have usage.

I’m looking for ideas/suggestions and to gauge the interest of such a service for coders.

-Edit- More info will be added when the machine is assembled and shipped to the maidenhead datacentre.

Hi shepsie.

I suggest you only allow a week usage per person, after their 1 week server is used up i suggest you make them wait another 4 weeks before letting them get another.

Also make sure you do it for steamid and ip, that way they can’t just change their IP or something.

“Test your game mode on my server so I can steal it”


We can create a server

Make it based on steam accounts that own atleast garrysmod (just use steams openid implementation: http://steamcommunity.com/dev)

So when you take your PC to a company to get it repaired they take all your files as well?

My initial idea was the service would cost but with a limited amount of coupon codes would reduce it free, the client would be subject to a standard sign up with details etc though. Having the steam ID linked would be an idea of making it unqiue though.

Maybe if I would have a PC

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If you’re not going to abuse the fact that people have their work in progress things on your server, this would be pretty neat.

I have been running the paid hosting side of things as a Uk reg company since early 2011, I wouldn’t want to jeopardise my reputation with stealing clients personal files.

Couldn’t we run a local server through srcds for this type of thing, only easier? A guide on how to set it up for people who didn’t know how would be far more useful, IMO. (Although having some servers you provide for testing would also be of benefit, don’t get me wrong here)

I love how he is offering something for free and the thread gets talked into trash. Either be happy about a free dev server or don’t post here. If you think he will steal your files, simply don’t take this free server.

If he was an unknown or distrusted member of the community; I would understand the scepticism. However, he’s neither, so I agree fully.

I think its a good idea, I’de sure be up for one :slight_smile:

Progress wise the server is getting assembled and OS installed by my business partner, It will then be shipped to rapid-switch. Once all the other stuff we need is installed ill get to work making the dev server system.

Should be able to get quite a few 5 slot DEV servers on it, as the only other tasks the box will be doing is nightly backups and hosting a control panel.

Server is E3 Xeon based, 4GB of Ram and a 60GB SSD will be allocated for this purpose.

I use to order servers from Shepsie I can vouch for him.

shepsie what is your steam

I think that you should make it so you can have a 1-Slot server for a month, 2 slot for 3 weeks, 3 slot for 2 weeks and 5 slot for 1 week.

1 slot servers are a waste of space. They use around the same amount of memory as a 6 slot server, and will only be marginally less CPU.

The idea was 5 slot as its enough to test things but not too many for people to exploit it for a small game server for friends.

I like this idea. Obviously theft is a genuine concern but I say we let him prove his no-doubt trustworthy offer. At the end of the day, any developer with something worth stealing will have their own server by the end stages, certainly.

I have recently bought a 10 slot Gmod server from Shepsie, I can confirm it is secure and is not laggy at all. After i paid for the server it was up and running within 10 minutes of purchase.

Thanks Shepsie.

I would reccomend using this service.

Shep’s is a good man. I use to talk to him back in the his early gsp days.