DAF breaks in beta update

This is a source plugin which prevented many exploits is now broken due to the new enginue. It would be great if someone could recompile it to work with gmod13 as it stopped a lot of skiddie scripts from lagfing up your servers

Doesn’t smog and seversecure2 do the same thing?

Doesn’t serversecure do everything DAF did but more and better?

I haven’t used either in years, sv_allowupload 0 and filtering whatever shouldn’t be getting to the server worked fine for me.

By the looks of it, serversecure2 was also designed for the OrangeBox engine and is most likely to break alongside DAF.

Azuisleet can fix it though.

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It apparently hasn’t worked since July, maybe you should make an issue as well as post on this one.

He has stated that he’s no longer interested in this.

Hmm, well I’m not really sure then. Maybe you could convince Chrisaster or someone else who has commit access to update and compile it for you.

DAF was never that great anyways.

It did prevent a ddos attack that was known to me

A2_INFO spam?

Yeah and a few other queries