[DAF] gaming community server

[DAF] gaming Rust++ modded server
To connect: press F1 in the main menu and type or copy paste “net.connect” (without quotation marks)
You can also check us out at http://dafgaming.fpsplayers.com and https://www.facebook.com/dafgaming

Some basic info about the server:
• 50 slots (will expand based on server popularity and funding)
• US East Coast based
• Friendly admins
• No sleepers (for now)
• Rust++ mod (starter kits available hourly, friend/unfriend, door share/unshare, and other commands available)
• Airdrops hourly at 20+ players
• Special PVP events planned once server is populated (with prizes)

We’ll add/remove features based on player feedback and what we see as we move forward. Our goal is to wipe the server as little as possible while maintaining a fair and enjoyable place for everyone to play.