Daft Punk Player models - New Update - Broken


A while back now, I uploaded on the workshop from garrysmod.org, the Daft Punk Player models. They worked fine for a month or so, then comes the new update which breaks them rendering no use but only the ragdolls are the only thing standing which can be used.

I have a simple understanding of LUA due to I am able to code for DarkRP when it is ever on my server.

The workshop addon updater is no longer used either so i’m sorta suck for options.

Link to the Playermodels are on my dropbox for you to take a look at:

Any help would be appreciated!



Those daft punk playermodels never worked for when you uploaded I might say.
And updates always break playermodels

The models worked for about a month till the update, my friends were also to subscribe to them for use on my server. But the main reason why i created this thread is why they do not work.

I personally think those models need some work, but have some working code anyways.

Thanks for the code, I’ll try it out when I get time

I have managed to get some code working to show the playermodels in the list and allow me to be the playermodel but the helmet materials are missing, I used your little bit of code but before the “end” to add the gloves and helmet, this does not work.

Code that Works

Code That Doesn’t Work:

I believe your material issue is related to the model, as your format & paths seem correct. Did the textures use to work? and if not, how did you make them work?

Yes, the textures for the helmet did use to work, the code that dosen’t work shows up that the models are in the playermodels menu, but do not work when you go to click on them and respawn to be the selected model.

Console error output:

Using the code that “Works” shows the playermodels in game and look like this:

It seems to be a result of the steampipe update, the texture will need to be remade.

Thanks for the help on resolving this issue xXpyroHatakeXx, Any Idea on how I would be able to attempt to re-create the textures?

Or should I give it an ask around on another part of the forum? If someone is willing to make the textures.

Well First I would try to get jus a simple texture to work before trying to recreate an animated one. From what I read on that page, the texture will need to be smaller. I’m no master of textures so hopefully someone else will help you with this.
This is the correct section of the forums to ask for something like this.