Dah Mongorian's [US West] Active Admins/Cheating Not Tolerated 1/19/14

[US] LA (PvP|Sleepers|Door Share|Econ|.5 Craft) Wiped 1/20

Hey everybody! Any and all come join our server! If you are tired of being cheated of all of your hard work by hackers, cheaters, exploits, or even admin abuse feel free to play with us here as we have felt your pain.
-Active admins (Kruger/Bitdestroyer)
-No toleration for any exploitations whether it be duping or speed hacking, etc.
-Streamer’s welcome as well as new players
-Fresh Server!

Come play with us!

Awesome server great hosting, no admin abuse, streaming (ask in chat). Oxide with multiple plugins, if you need info or help don’t hesitate to ask.

Getting our Oxide plugins up and running now!
-Door Share
-Kill/Death messages

Edit: Plugins are all up!