Daily Intel special edition: "Medic still denies the Dustbowl rape scandal" (Tf2)

I was bored Mkay?

I dunno, random music for ya while you read your special edition.


(Nerotic Fever came up with the name of the newspaper)
Old newspaper black and white-ish style ftw!

The intel cartoony briefcase was hand made by me :dance: and I love it for some reason :v:

*Can’t tell the difference between the teams?? *

-Spy (Disguised as BLU soldier behind medic)

-Cameraman (Engy I suppose)

C&C and stuff

lol its funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, just wow.

Clever. Original and well executed.

Daily Intel name was my idea. :smiley:

Lol, good job.

The medic didn’t rape any one! i did- i mean some one else did!

Oi I forgot to credit you :open_mouth:

Lemme edit the post.