Daily lol in G-Mod

Hello folks!

I was dicking around in GarrysMod and just uploaded a video on Youtube:

I was laughing the shit out of me when I watched Kitty0706’s or DasBoSchitt Videos and decided to make one too.
Well I don’t got much experience on Sony Vegas, this Program… I lost so many hairs I hate it but it’s the only Video Tool that I can work with… I guess…

This video is about the daily thing like being stupid, gaming, working you know… There is a wanna be Youtube Poop scene in it too, my favourite part. doesnt make any sense, I like that.
Im bored of my own jokes but I hope you people like it and have fun to watch it. Some Comments, thumbs up and miew, would be great!


Judging by the first minute, it’s too random. Too many things happen too quick. Random is funny in a context of relative normality.

what is that school map anyway

So much shit going on i can’t focus. Atleast it’s not a steaming pile of shite that we usually get here.

And don’t sign your post, please.


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Yup, it is very random. Actually I’m still learning how to deal with Sony Vegas.
But thats a nice critique for me because I’ve noticed it too. But I wasnt thinking about that anymore cause since it is one of my first try to make some video’s it’s not that important I thought.
Maybe I’m wrong but thanks!

That school map is called de_school. You can find it on garrysmod.org.

Actually one comment is pissing me off on youtube… Am I trying to be like kitty? I mean im older than him, this doesnt make any sense. xD

that shit was funny in 2004-2005

Oh okay. I noticed it too. The “Jokes” arent that new but… I dont know I just made it to show friends of mine, our daily shit and they laughed like hell.
But I would like to know, what you want to see in the future? Got any Ideas or something?

Why does everyone on this forum care if someone signs their post. Your not an admin and its not against the rules.


It makes you look like a douchebag.

-the entire forum

Because gmod was totally released less than a year after HL2 went out.


laughing my ass off

Was this an Elliot goes to School wannabe video or something

Cause it seemed a lot like it.

Not It wasn’t. Its just like someone created a “elliot goes to school” Video and now everyone who wants to make a school video to is a wanna be?
I dont get this logical function, maybe I’m stupid or something but it isnt a wanna be shit just because someone did it before.

That gave me a laugh, reminded me of the first few Gmod Idiot Box videos when they were actually hillarious


(Forgive me I’m an idiot :v:)

I really am over these random G-mod videos.

OP you have 4 posts, 4 of them are in here. Go away.