Daily number of keys gets increased to 250

If you haven’t noticed already, the daily number of keys being sold has increased to 250. IMO, this is great news for all of us. Not only will the average price of a key drop, we also have a better chance to snag a key at a lower price, AND the community will grow at a faster rate. On a semi-personal note, starting Friday, I’ll be purchasing 5 keys if they hit $20 to give away to people that are less fortunate and can’t afford Rust.

My main point for this post though is to ask the dev/admins if this is a permanent change or will the max limit go back down to 100.

Thank you for your time and help. I apologize if this isn’t a quality post but I figured I’m not the only one that is curious.


Edit/Update: Keys were sold out around $24 today! Hopefully it will stay the same during/after Friday (Payday)

Also, I’ve been contacted asking if this was legit & why I’m doing it. I’m the Gaming Community manager for Monster Energy, so I wouldn’t want to ruin my reputation to get “publicity” :slight_smile: The reasons why I’m doing this is because I love the community, I’ve spent probably over 100+ hours playing Rust in the past 3 weeks, and I just flat out love this game and want to support it any way I can. Now how I’m going to give away 5 keys to 5 lucky gamers is still undecided. If you have any ideas, please feel free to post in this thread or PM me your idea. :heart:

So glad this happened too! I checked to see its price and all of a sudden at $35 there’s still 115 keys! :quagmire:

Could you PM me?

Thanks for the update OP I was actually checking to see if there was a official post after I noticed they increased the amount to 250.

Also very generous of you to offer keys to those in need, you should have some sort of contest or something otherwise your going to be spammed by people begging for keys! :wink:

Yea i would love to get a key :frowning:

Hope some day I’ll get one

Dam it, just when I’m out of money :frowning:

Yea. Hundreds are not playing because there isn’t an anti-cheat engine and the third-party program players are pretty active.

I hope this is a sign that there is a corner that is going to be turned towards integrity of game-play.

It is below what I paid for it, and still over 100 keys left :suicide:

Yes… but also for something else :wink:


I think…

Went to purchase it around 40 keys left out of the 250 and found out my credit card wasn’t attached to my paypal like i thought. :confused:
By the time I got it attached they were sold.

Got my key right before they sold out! :slight_smile:

Guess I don’t really mind that I missed out on my key today, didn’t know there were people cheating.
But it doesn’t surprise me.

More keys selling more servers will be added!

I would love a key

More servers were added :slight_smile:

I would love a key

If you end up choosining someone who commented on this i would really like it. I ahve been trying to get enpough money to afford it but keys are sellign at around 40 dollars and that is just too much to buy at 40 dollars as I havent got a job. xD Been trying to get one but… Yea… :confused: Anyways. Would love to get one. :slight_smile: If you do give me one i will play with you add me on skype live:collinsdennissam

Cool :slight_smile:
I’d like a key if possible.
And if not lets hope the auction reaches to at least $20, whereas I could probably buy it.