Daily Wiped -- Free materials -- Building training server.

Violent Industries – Building Training-- Free materials –

  1. /kit starter gives you 2k planks + other materials.

  2. Practice building without any downside, get ready for your next server. Great place to try a new idea in minutes instead of hours.

  3. Admins will destroy mistakes when online, and help with getting your people to one spot.

  4. Teleport system. You can use our “stargates” to transport yourself to the farthest ends of the map.

  5. Start fresh every day. Try new spots, and learn new ideas. Calculate most efficient way to start you massive base.

  6. Helpful admins who will train new players how to construct. Pro/con of different techniques.

fresh midnight tonight.

nice. ill check it out.

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server down?

Nope it is up PBskrillas just checked

i seem to be unable to join. says connection failed.

Same here. updated — I left the 5 off the port at the end. try now.

Server is going good. Training is offered in evenings, and whenever an admin is on. Learn to make the perfect base, and get 1 on 1 instruction on how to build a perfect base for your play style.

Training – How to build 6pm EST time. Classes daily.

Just wiped server again. :slight_smile:

I was looking forever for a test server. Can we get instant craft and kits that include c4/grenades?

It has instant craft. Yes tommorow I will include C4/nades – However if an admin is on he will spawn you any item you want. We should have an admin on 18+ hours day based on the scheduling we currently have.