Dakar Rally DiRT 2-style HUMMER


I’m busy reskinning the Jalopy Hummer replacement from gmod.org*. I’m having some problems right now, like the fact one side of the car is just a mirror so all of the logos and such get reversed. I plan to make three different liveries each with two dirty versions (one muddy, one dusty).

Criticism? Thoughts?

*I’ll post the credits for the model and the original reskin when gmod.org starts working for me again.

NB: The colours in the texture seem to have been messed up by my picture editing a little.

Update: Solid_granite for the original model and texture, blooregardo for the first reskin and Jalopy replacement.

was hoping for an actual port from DiRT2 :frowning:

otherwise looks pretty good.

This is quite an accomplishment for using such an old and lowres model.

Good job so far

You’ll have to redo the UV map to stop the mirroring.
The skin looks pretty cool so far though.

Uh oh that sounds somewhat beyond me. Thanks for the comment though.

If you don’t want to redo the entire UV map, you could always decompile it, select one side of the car, then just apply an alternate texture to it and mirror the design on that texture.

Of course, if you plan on releasing it, you’ll need permission from the original creator first.

I do not want to sound annoying or something, but I think I have seen better Hummer models around, why reskin that one?


Mmm… now that I think again, I think the other hummer models have all sort of military shit on them, nevermind.

Nice reskin tho, looks very nice, reminds me of motocross races. Monster shit everywhere haha.

This is a military Hummer too which irritates me (the shape is different at the back) but no one in the FP screenshots section seems to know shit about cars anyway.

The only better Hummer models I can find were the MW/MW2 ones (which have too much military equipment on them as you said) and, my first choice, a Hummer that I think might have been a 3rd party addon for GTA IV… the problem with that was the texture maps were terrible - I couldn’t tell what the hell to skin when I opened them because they are simply flat colour (I’m guessing everything is done with shaders or something).

There’s no need to credit me, you didn’t really re-use or edit the material I contributed, which really weren’t fantastic to begin with.

Anywho, wonderful skin, Chesty, great work!

Thanks a lot bloo :smile:

there is a hummer on the garrysmod.org site that is just a normal hummer its from the sickness vehicle pack

so is this hummer going to be better than the plain one on garrysmod.org?

Depends what you mean by “better”.

It’s not a military hummer, the interior and the brush guard on the front make it a civilian version. There’s a few retail hummers running around with those hatchbacks.

I’ve never seen a civilian model with the upwards spouting exhaust.

mah best freind has one

12 year olds aren’t allowed to drive.

can you do a black HUMMER

and assholes should not have gmod

I can. It’s in the opening post.

Uh oh seems that Facepunch broke that rule a few times then.