[DakRP] How to get DakRP RP name and money for loading screen

Hello, I want to know how do we get someone’s money/name for loading screen using PHP $_Get for DarkRP.

Thank you.

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You will need to use MySQL for that. ( So you can access the money from a php script )

Could you give an example?
I’m new to MySQL.

You need to install mysql library on your server, connect to your database, store necessary info in DB, pass steamid to your loading screen, search the data in the DB by steamid in your php script and print it out.

This is the way I see.
I cannot tell EXACTLY what to do because I have never done anything with loading screens in GMod.

I think your best bets is to find a coder that knows darkrp and knows SQL and get them to make adjustments for you. To my knowledge its not a feature in DarkRP in general which tends to mean you need to make it and this just so happens to be of a level greater than adding weapons, items etc.

I don’t see the point in putting any info like this in loading screens with gmod13, it loads so fast that it doesn’t matter anyways, unless its your first time on the server, in which you don’t have any money anyways.

He isn’t asking if there is a point. He is asking how to do it. Don’t tell him what to do.