[DAKRP] Server Issues?

If you’re going to trash DarkRP, please just leave now.

I finally got my dedicated server to work (yay) but I’m having a few problems.

  1. My gundealer is able to spawn shipments from CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0, but when we pick up the weapons, they don’t go in our inventory. (rp_licenses is disabled) Even when a cop spawns, they are supposted to have a glock, but they only get pistol ammo.

  2. We don’t have keys… how do I add keys?

  3. How do you make it so shotguns blow down doors?

3: Get the model of said door. Spawn physics prop. Give the same model as the door. Give the prop velocity so that it will fly. Spawn said prop. Profit.

That’s pretty much how you’d do it in Lua, too. If the door entity is door:
local mdl = door:GetModel()
local doorprop = ents.Create( “prop_physics” )
doorprop:SetModel( mdl )
doorprop:SetVelocity( Vector( 0, 0, 0 ) ) --Maybe replace this with inverted hit normal of the trace?
Prerequisites: You have a door entity already specified.
That could work, but I’m not sure at all.