DakTek - Battletech based Gmod combat system

Hello, I’m publicly releasing my Battletech based combat vehicle construction addon, DakTek, and would like to let everyone know. So far only my testing group and I have been using the mod.

Its currently fully functional, but I plan to continue adding onto it, improving model quality, fixing any bugs that pop up, and balancing weaponry further if needed. If you’re interested I’d recommend joining the steam group, or at least checking in regularly for updates. I plan to use the steam group as the main location for discussion, balance and bug inquiries, and announcements.

Once its downloaded and placed properly in your Addon folder you’ll be able to use the spawning tool to create engines, guns, ammo, AMS, etc. The tools have their own tool tips and each entity in the menu has a description, along with their categories. Ammo and heatsinks are automatically linked to an engine by being part of the contraption, this means they have to be parented or constrained to something the engine is attached to. Essentially just place them like normally, parent them into your vehicle, parent the engine to the vehicle, and they should be linked. Guns and AMS are required to be linked to the engine via the linker tool, sound cues will be given when you left click then right click.

All Daktek entities are parentable, allowing you to use other entities as a base for the guns to be parented to so that you can improve the stability of your contraptions or so you can parent your equipment to your vehicle to reduce constraint based lag.

Good luck, and ask if you have any questions. Hopefully its fun.

Any pictures? I’d like to see some examples of stuff built using it.

edit: I got it and have been testing it. Models definitely need work but it has potential.

Oh man, I saw this in development, and I sure hope it becomes something big!

Sure, here’s an Imgur album I just setup of a few screenshots I took throughout the testing periods.


I actually made all the current models in about a day or two in blender with no prior experience. I was trying to rush production on the models because I knew making good ones would have taken at least a good month.

I hope so too.

Can you make some support tool to build those mech instead of pre-made?

I’m not quite understanding what you’re asking for here. This is an addon that releases weaponry and other equipment for the use in building mechs. The mechs in the pictures are ones that my testing team and I built with the addon. There are no pre-made contraptions included.

Oh sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue: imma test it this weekend

I’m planning on adding in the option to choose between various models for each weapon. Here is a new gauss rifle model I’m working on. No textures yet.

Another model in the works for lasers.


I know I haven’t mentioned anything in awhile, but I’m still working on models, I just haven’t been mentioning all of the ones I have gotten done. I’d like to show the new PPC model though, still untextured.

I have a big question. Why the hell you put some .exe file named DakTek as download? Is that supposed to be some insane move for “installer” or you want to get people to download malicious software? Because installing addons for gmod is so simple i can’t imagine anyone having even a brief thought about making an installer program for those.

It looks like it’s a self-extracting 7-Zip archive but I’m not sure whether there’s any secret malicious payload attached to it or not. If you want to safely open it, get 7-Zip and open the .exe in it, it will open like a normal archive.

Not gona risk it. But if it is that archive, he should add a link for a simple one too, as many people won’t even touch that .exe file.

There’s no risk at app in opening it using 7-Zip archive manager at all since you aren’t actually executing the file.

You might be right (i don’t know at all), but still, that .exe file scaring the shit out of me. It’s Christmas not halloween. Don’t scare people (please?).

I use 7zip because it has great compression ratios. I can get my mod down to 20% of its normal size via compression. I don’t have a load of space on my dropbox account to be wasting it with terribly compressed .zip files.

I set them up to be .exe files so that people can open it without requiring 7zip. I’ve been using this type of system for years.

Downloads can be scary, especially when mine automatically downloads when you click the link and its an .exe file, but there’s no need to be afraid of this file. I’ve put no viruses in it, as the others who’ve downloaded it could confirm.

Well, people are usually really, REALLY averse to just running .exe files, particularly when most people don’t use this sort of system. You’re seriously much better off just using .7z files and making people download 7Zip.

Would have expected people would be as against downloading an extra program to open a file as they would be opening a random file. Its not like people should be any less afraid of .7z files than .exe files in the first place, especially if they plan on opening it anyway.

Guess if they’re really that afraid of it they can wait until I put it on workshop to download.

Not at all, 7zip is a reputable piece of software, you are not a reputable distributor (sorry). It’s totally reasonable to download 7zip to open an archive, but sketchy as fuck to download a binary from some random guy on facepunch. (not to mention, Windows 10 has integrated support for .zip in the file browser now).

Here’s a mirror for now that’s just a zip archive (hope you don’t mind): https://cogarr.net/files/public/DakTek.zip

I find your link semi sketchy as its to a hosting site I haven’t seen before and I don’t know you. Oh well, its the internet, no one has to trust anyone. Just do try to keep your mirror somewhat up to date if you’re going to have one.

Just put it on github? Then people who want to look at the source can look at it without downloading it, nobody has to download a special extractor, and nobody has to run/open anything.

Maybe he dosen’t want to be part of the meta-irony where the biggest open-source hosting platform is themselves closed source.