DakTek General Thread

With the release of DakTek on the workshop I’d like to start up a general thread for people to talk about the mod, give suggestions and comments, and show off their builds. I’d love to see what people will come up with.

Here is the release thread:


Beta Testers:
Oh Please

oh man it’s finally live on the workshop :smiley:

we need more memes, asap

I released an Urbanmech to the public.

The description of that video links to the text file and tells you where it must be placed. I mention a pastebin link in the video, but I swapped from people copying the text then putting it into a file to just giving them the file directly for simplicity about 10 minutes after I made the video.

Description quote:

If you have the permapoly weld and prop shrinker tool then visclip will not function properly.

Someone should probably put some basic guidelines down for posting stuff for new players to use, although it’s not vital.

I’m gonna go ahead and slap my AA platform on here real quick for anyone to use.


Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1rqkuxhlvw5ctdj/Camulus%20MK1.txt?dl=1

EDIT: Forgot to mention the controls. WASD for movement, M1 and M2 for weaponry. Shift to zoom and F to load flak ammunition. Scroll wheel to change targets.

Nice dead thread.

I’m posting another dupe, this time a 65 ton mech dubbed the Teshin.

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/294vki7h2hd1pqb/DakTek%20Teshin%20MK1.txt?dl=1

The Teshin is a well rounded brawling mech, having good speed and armor for its size as well as having a mixed loadout for multiple ranges (although it performs best at close range).

Loadout: 1 LBX-10 AC, 2 SRM4 Launchers, 2 Light PPCs

Controls: WASD to move, shift to sprint, ctrl to crouch, r to zoom. F fires SRMs, mouse buttons fire LPPCs and LBX10.

Use the same install method as the Urbanmech above.


(have an imgur gallery because i’m lazy)

I’ll contribute.

In honor of the unseens and the whole Harmony Gold fiasco (Go to bankruptcy hell HG), I present the 65 ton clan Rifleman IIC battlemech.

Well, sorta. It’s a heavily modified Hellbringer with a radar dish hat. It has all the charms of the stock loadout with an XL engine for extra cooling. Base speed is almost as close to the stock, 35 kmph walking and a top running speed of 60 kmph. It’s configured to alpha 4 of it’s large pulse lasers so this thing is quite a scary opponent on the battle field. On top of that it has decent armor for it’s weight class.

Loadout: 4 Clan Large Pulse Lasers, 1 Er-Small Laser, 2 Jump jets and a Clan Beagle Active Probe

Controls: WASD to move, Shift to Run, F to Zoom, Space for Jump Jets, Left mouse fires the 4 x cLpl’s and the right fires the single cEr-sml.

Note: If you have problems with the first person due to the radar dish view try switching to 3rd by pressing left alt and try zooming with F.


I made this for a MW:O thread a little while back. The video gets a little laggy at parts since FRAPS was crapping out on me during recording.