[DALLAS Builders Club] PVP - Sleep - 1/3 Craft - Mass Resources - AutoLocation - Remover - BaseAlarm

A builder friendly / PVP oriented server.
Lots of additional resource nodes and with vanilla loot drops. Plenty of admins and several pro-scripters.
We’re the developers of /location and the AutoLocation function!
We’re a very open ended server, and our team is capable of creating our own scripts at the wishes of our user base!

We support the /remover tool so you can easily remove and reclaim the resources spent building a base and relocate it if needed!
AutoLocation is enabled so you can go to RustNuts.com and see where you are at all times automatically!

**Press F1 from main screen and copy / paste:


Mod List:
Add Resource Map
FPS Surge
Show Damage
Door Share
Auto Nudity