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**ip: net.connect rust.craftedminers.com:28105 ( hit f1 > paste ip > hit enter > connect to server and have fun :dance:)

server website: http://craftedminers.com/forum/

steam group: join our steam group to stay in touch **http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CraftedMiners



This server has great Administration that Is on Almost the whole day every day! They really Help their server players/community members out And best of all I love how they are quick to investigate when there is suspicion of a hacker! One of the only servers that I feel secure In Being afk for the whole 7-9 hours that I sleep at night :smiley: I also have to mention That only about 10-20 % of ppl here are the type that KOS mostly everyone wont hesitate to give a noob a hand (: Thank you for your amazing server I love you all god bless! <3


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#4 i agree :dance:

We have boobs and beers

So far, this pretty great server. I just started playing RUST 2 days ago. I joined this server last night and have been having loads of fun.

They also have a teamspeak 3 voice server, which is nice.

How would you guys feel if we were to double the timescale for day/night?

came for the boobs and beers

I would be interested in trying out the double day/night timescale.

Downgraded to 1.7 Oxide. 1.8+ is bugged to hell. :yarr:

good job sway server running nice and smooth


This shows what is needed to destroy different items/structures

:smiley: make sure u join! there still plenty of room still left especially for clans (Low Bandits at the moment)

Yay server is up and running and updated :smiley:

Updated to Oxide 1.8.2.

Added Starter kit: /kit starter
Added Death messages: Prefixed with [Death]

#16 :stuck_out_tongue: updated the info

Bump ^

This server has turned even better especially for Starters As they have now Added A Starter Kit so you wont have to worry about struggling for shelter or food for at least a couple in game days :smiley: , Not to mention that the staff is really helpful and nice they don’t just ignore their players and answer All questions anyone may have . and once again thank you guys for the door sharing feature it is really useful for people who want to share or build a home together with a friend

#19 :quagmire: oh yeahhhh we got a few more players just now make sure u join :slight_smile: bandit level is still very low so starting shouldn’t be a problem and make sure you type /kit starter to get your starter kit