[DALLAS]The Rust Box 24/7 Admin No Abuse PvP/Sleepers

Welcome to The Rust Box! This server is run by only two admins who come from competitive backgrounds, and, understand the importance of legitimacy. All players on The Rust Box are able to do whatever they please on the server, other than the obvious which is cheating. There will be no admin abuse as we will not use admin abilities unless it is to investigate another player who is suspected of cheating in some type of way.

So it is simple, no rules, enjoy your Rust experience as an outlaw, there are no rules that govern you. Just keep in mind; cheating will lead to a permanent ban with no reevaluation considered. Do not think to cheat, if you are not sure something is exploitative in which it gives you the upper hand over your fellow server mates, please make sure to inquire about it to an admin.
Come join now! The sooner the better! The server was just wiped 12/29. We know that the majority of Rust servers are currently occupied by admin abusers/cheaters; we will make sure we promote a fun and legitimate competitive environment for everyone to play!

If you have any questions/inquiries or suggestions of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


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Fresh server just wiped 12/29. Come join in now while everyone is starting out!

Great server, friendly admins, and no lag either!! Going to invite my friends to play on this one. Thanks

am there :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no servers are avaiable right now due to the DDoS. I will keep the post updated for when the server comes back up.

Good server with admins who get it. No bs-- only fair play. A server worth sinking hundreds of hours into.

Server is up guys! Get started while server is still fresh to have an equal opportunity!

Server is up!

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Get in here guys! Over 20+ users in 1 night, lets keep this growing!


Getting in now!!

DDoS attacks are over hopefully.

Come join in guys, in just a little less than two days we are up to 40 players connected right now.

Come get in the fun!

Did the server crash? My friend and I just got dc’d and can’t rejoin

Yep… All the official servers are down as well.

It’s either a DDoS or an update.

ESEA CSGO Server #2? =)

I played on advnt’s server but they got metal houses suspiciously fast. =p

Server is up and running. Fresh wipe less than thirty minutes ago.

Get in here now and safe ventures! :slight_smile:

Come join for some fun!!

Join up! Just wiped server last night.
Active admins, good folks.

Just got back on.

Up to 50 users in 2 days with all the DDoS attacks… pretty good. Get in now before its too late. Freshly wiped last night.



Up to over 70 users now. Join up!

super active server, growing quickly. fair admins that ban cheaters daily.