Damage Detector

I just got Wiremod a few days ago, and have figured out a few basic devices, but the Damage Detector is rather annoying. I can’t seem to get it to work. I know I need to hook it up to a screen for the numbers, but I think I’m missing something in between. Any ideas?

Please note; I’m trying to build a vehicle that’s also an explosive entity (that is, it explodes when shot too much), So I want to have some kind of life meter to show how much life it has left after being shot. So, I’d like to know how I can get the display monitor to show the current life and watch it dwindle down as it’s hit.

In short, I’m trying to make a screen that shows, say, 500 hit points, and after the vehicle being shot for 100 damage, it shows 400 hit points. When it hits zero, the vehicle explodes. Is that possible? I’ve looked all around and can’t find any good tutorials about this one detector.

The damage detector works, but it only holds the information for a fraction of a second.

Well that’s pretty useless. Is there a way to make it hold for longer periods? I recall one tutorial showing how to do it, but when I looked back today it was gone.

Same problem here

I’ve tried to make this sort of detection system before but to no avail.

Now that we know it only hold the information for a tiny amount of time, perhaps you could use a Wire Memory chip to hold the data in, instead of directly linking the detector to a screen.

I think there was some tool called “ram” or something… it pretty much stores values in it so that you may later access them!