Damage detectors [WIREMOD]

Okay i want to make a fading door window that i can shoot at and it wil fade away and when i stop shooting, fade back. I made it fade away when i shoot it, but have no idea how to make it fade back. I tried making the fading door non toggle, but that wont even open it, and if it did, the fading door would flash as eash bullet hit it. HELP :smiley:

Well, the thing about that is Diagram:

Door = X
You = Y
Bullet(s) = A, B, C, D, E, F
Gun = G

X <-F<-E<-D<-C<-B<-A GY

After each bullet hits the door there is a delay So it goes Damage, No Damage in seconds…

is there a way to wire it with a delay? this will be really helpful in the rp i play in. thanks :slight_smile: