Damage from Bow

How much damage does the bow do?

Some guy 1 shotted 3 of us with a bow, hit the guy 6 times with a spear (and that’s just my hits out of the 3 of us), confused. He was also naked.

He probably had a meat stack in the hotbar. The bow itself does pretty major damage. 70 to the head I think?

Those below 60, or even 70 get 1 shotted by an arrow. Not to get you disappointed or anything but richting with a spear isn’t the same as it used to be. Their damage ouput has been decreased. I think spears only do 20-40 dmg anymore, at max!.
Also i’ve heard, seen and felt people hitting me and i assume there is a bug. The hit gave me -1 at that moment, even though it was a full hit on the very naked flesh of mine… So yeah >.>

If not, like said in the post above… Probably a meat stacker who stuffed himself :wink:

Here’s a link.

This will provide you with all the nesaccary information regarding damage output. I only think the melee chest and head damage is put wrong, because i assume headshotting someone should be doing more damge in any case in general.

Nah he one shot 3 of us, 2 of us had 90+ health. We tested it and the bow will one shot with a head shot on a naked. Also remembered about the temporary cross hair that pops up when in melee range, guess it would make head shots at close range easy.

Could possibly be the case. Haven’t tested it out myself, ijust based my facts on what they post to us. Therefore the rustafied.com link.

Where or how did you encounter him? Cuz i actually had a recent fight as well. Some what same scenario tbh. 1v3, 3 with melee and i had a bow. That wasn’t you guys right? :o